The cornerstone of Cytex technology is our patented approach to producing 3-Dimensional woven implants that mimic the natural function and performance of the cartilage that lines joints such as the hip, shoulder and knee.  Cytex implants can be made to fit the complex curvature found in joints, thereby helping restore and maintain natural joint anatomy.

Unlike conventional orthopedic implants made of metal and ceramic that replace existing bone and damaged cartilage, the Cytex implants are designed to provide an environment that encourages the natural restoration of damaged articular cartilage while preserving the bones that constitute the affected joint. 

With the implant in place, new cartilage can be produced to repair the defect that leads to loss of joint function, pain and, eventually, osteoarthritis.

Ultimately, Cytex plans to conduct human studies (clinical trials; link) with its novel implants.  The goal of these trials will be to demonstrate the safety of Cytex implants and the ability of the implants to re-grow cartilage and restore healthy joint function.  If the clinical trials prove successful in demonstrating safety and efficacy, the Cytex implants will provide orthopedic surgeons an important new option to total hip replacement for their younger, more active patients.