Older News

October 2012, Cytex selected to participate in NIH SBIR showcase

Cytex Therapeutics has been invited to participate in a showcase of select companies who have received NIH sponsored SBIR/STTR funding. The showcase will provide investors with an opportunity to view the company’s offerings and potential.

October 2012, Cytex Vice President, Dr. Bradley T. Estes, to conduct a workshop at the 2013 Orthopaedic Research Society Conference

The ORS hosts the premier orthopaedic research conference for basic science and clinical researchers in the United States.  Dr. Estes will present the latest trends in cartilage resurfacing using 3D woven biomaterials at the conference in January.

September 2012, Cytex awarded NIH Phase 1 SBIR Grant, “A crosslinked cartilage-derived matrix for cartilage tissue engineering”

Cytex Therapeutics has been awarded a phase one grant from the NIH to study the effects of biochemical crosslinking on its proprietary matrix.

August 2011, Cytex awarded Collaborative Funding Grant from North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Cytex has been awarded a collaborative funding grant from the NC Biotech Center to fund translational research for a post-doctoral associate at Duke University.  Translational research focuses on basic science research with commercial potential.

August 2011, Cytex signs sponsored research agreement with Duke University “Characterization of Tissue Engineered Constructs”


Cytex is sponsoring key research at Duke University to further basic science research of cartilage tissue engineering.  The results from this study will inform Cytex technology as well as cartilage tissue engineering in general.

October 2010, Cytex awarded competitive Therapeutic Discovery Credit grant by Federal Government

Cytex has been selected as a recepient of the Therapeutic Discovery Credit grant, created under section 48D of the Internal Revenue Service.  The grant was awarded via a competitive process to companies with promising therapeutic treatments and solid commercial potential.

September 2010, Cytex announces the addition of biomedical textiles expert, Dr. Franklin T. Moutos, to its management team

Cytex is pleased to welcome Dr. Frank Moutos as Vice President of Technology Development. Dr. Moutos has been serving in the role of key consultant to Cytex and has been instrumental in the development of Cytex technology.  Dr. Moutos brings a wealth of both scientific accomplishment and business experience to the Cytex management team.

July 2010, Cytex moves into newly designed office and laboratory space

Cytex is excited to announce the completion of state-of-the-art office and laboratory space as the home of its new headquarters.  The location of Cytex was selected for its proximity to Duke University to continue and enable current and future collaboration.

October 2009, Cytex announces the addition of cartilage tissue engineering and adult stem cell expert, Dr. Bradley T. Estes, to its management team


Cytex is pleased to welcome Dr. Brad Estes as Vice President of Research and development.  Dr. Estes has been serving in the role of consultant and has been instrumental in the development of Cytex technology, which is based in part on the research he conducted under Cytex founder, Dr. Farsh Guilak, while earning his Ph.D. at Duke University.  In addition to his scientific acumen, Dr. Estes brings over 15 years of product development experience in the orthopaedic sector, as well as expertise in patent procurement and regulatory approval.

July 2009, Cytex receives three small business grants from the NIH

The NIH has awarded Cytex with three small business grants to explore and develop aspects of Cytex technology with promising commercial potential.  Two Phase 1 grants will allow Cytex to initiate research to develop innovative additions to Cytex core technology.  Moreover, a Phase 2 grant will allow Cytex to move current technologies closer to commercialization.

January 2008, Images of Cytex’s Scaffold Material to be exhibited at MoMA

The photos will be displayed as part of the exhibit “Design and the Elastic Mind,” February 24-May 12, 2008.

September 2007, Cytex awarded STTR grant from the NIH

Cytex is pleased to announce the receipt of a Phase 1 STTR grant from the NIH entitled “Hip Joint Resurfacing with Functional Human Cartilage”.  The funds from this small business grant will allow translation of key research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to be applied to Cytex core technology.

June 2007, Cytex awarded prestigious NC IDEA grant

Cytex is pleased to announce the receipt of the prestigious NC IDEA grant.  This grant, awarded via a competitive process to a company with innovative and commercially promising technology, will support research and development of Cytex’s core technology

September 2006, Cytex wins Duke’s StartUp Challenge

Cytex is the 2006 winner of the Duke StartUp Challenge.  The award was based on a business plan submitted for the most promising commercial idea based on current Duke research.  Dr. Farshid Guilak used the award to incorporate and found Cytex Therapeutics, Inc.  Cytex will focus on developing commercial products for joint repair and resurfacing based on the innovative cartilage tissue engineering methods developed in Dr. Guilak’s lab at Duke University.